Topic outline

  • About this learning path

    Today’s workplaces are increasingly diverse. While this increases the opportunity for innovation and organizational success, knowing how to identify and bridge cultural differences in the workplace is essential for tapping into this potential. Developing your intercultural communication skills is a key part of this skill set. By taking this learning path you can gain: 

        • Insight into how cultural differences impact communication.
        • Insight into common barriers to communicating cross-culturally in the workplace.
        • Strategies and best practices for successfully navigating intercultural communication.

    Who is this course for?

    Anyone who is working in an organization that is culturally diverse.

    Duration: 1 hr 30 mins.
    Certification: Upon completion

    • Module 1. Cross-Cultural Communications in the Workplace

      This e-learning module explores how cultural differences might be a factor contributing to communication challenges. It covers:

      • Communication styles and potential challenges due to differences in communication styles
      • Tuckman’s stage of group development from a diversity and inclusion (D&I) lens
      • Strategies to enhance communication in a diverse team

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    • Module 2. Culture and Workplace Interactions

      This e-learning module explores cultural differences in the workplace and suggests strategies for developing good rapport and effective collaboration within a diverse team including. It includes:

      • A look at how culture impacts work styles, rapport building amongst colleagues, teamwork, and role expectation.
      • Unwritten rules and norms
      • Cultural dimensions in the workplace
      • The Describe –Interpret -Evaluate Model

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    • Module 3. Comparison of Cultural Differences at Work

      How does culture influence the way people problem solve? Give and receive feedback? Interact with people at different levels of seniority? The answers may surprise you. 

      Knowing more about how culture influences what people do and the assumptions we all make about workplace “norms” can be helpful for better understanding our colleagues and navigating cultural differences.

      • Module 4. Cross-Cultural Teamwork

        Episode 4: Facilitating Contributions to Team Discussions

        Apply what you have learned in this learning path to a typical workplace situation – a team meeting. In this scenario, reflect on how cultural differences and assumptions are influencing the interactions in this video and what strategies could help. This module also includes strategies that could be used by all team members.